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~ The Price of Judgement ~

I am seeing an unsettling trend happening.

Everyone is so eager to place a big fat heavy label on another person: abusive, TOXIC, spiritual bypassing, gaslighting... I am especially seeing this in the social media spaces. While there is an appropriate place for these words to be used, I feel that they are being overly used.

As though we are all so eager to make this other HUMAN the “bad guy”. Myself included. I have used all of those words to describe a situation with a loved one. Because of hurt, anger, denial, sadness, an unwillingness to look at my own part being played.

I have released speaking about other people using any of these words. Because when it comes right down to it you guys, everyone is on their healing journey. Attempting to heal where it hurts. And I don’t think it helps one bit, to throw such a huge judgement on people who are also hurting & seeking a way back to wholeness.

Only hurt people can hurt other people.

I see the use of these labels creating MORE separation, inability to reach out, isolation & ultimately creating MORE hurt. Not less.

I’m devoted to leaving people better than I found them 💗

As I enter into a new decade of my 30’s, this is a vision I am holding strong in my life 🕯

Because at the end of it, all that really matters is how we treated each other ✨

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