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~ Love Letters to Strangers Project ~

I have started a new project called ‘Love Letters to Strangers’. I have been hand writing letters & leaving them on porches 💗

Just spreading some love & kindness out into the world 🌻 We need more kindness right now especially. We are collectively going through something that we have not gone through before. We are navigating completely new waters.

Here is one of the letters I wrote, I hope it adds something beautiful to your day:

Dear Friend,

You are worthy of so much LOVE. This life is messy sometimes and chaotic and full of a LOT of opinions. So, I wanted to reach out and let you know that I think you are doing a good job. That I think you are doing the best you can right now. I wanted to let you know that it is enough. You are enough just the way you are.

I hope you are being kind to yourself. That you are being gentle and soft with your heart during this time. While there is so much uncertainty in the air. So much is shifting and changing right now and kindness makes it better.

I’ve started this ‘Love Letters to Strangers’ project. So, while we don’t know each other, I want to bring some happiness to your life today. Because we all deserve that. Especially you! Who has lived through so many difficult times already. In case no one has told you today:

You are resilient. You’ve got this. I believe you are here to do amazing things! The world needs you. Please keep sharing your beautiful heart with people! And keep your head up. I hope you are allowing yourself the space to feel what’s coming up, embrace it and find more love for yourself through it all.

I walk around the neighborhood a lot and wanted to share some love during this time. To spread softness and kindness where I can. I know we don’t know each other, but what I do know is that YOU ARE WORTHY OF SO MUCH LOVE!

Carry that in your heart today dear one.

With love, a caring stranger,

katie xo

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