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~ As Bold As Love ~

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Hey! Hi! Hello!

Welcome to the beginning of a vision I have held in my heart for a very long time! A vision of letting my voice be free. To share my writing, journey and deeply vulnerable processes with the world. Writing has been the one constant in my life. The place I come back to time and time again for nourishment, to cry, for inspiration, it is the one place I have truly experienced being able to let all my walls down and be me.

I started my very first journal in 5th grade and haven’t stopped writing since then. I am currently on my 42nd journal! I can no longer deny the deep longing inside me to do more with my writing. I have used social media as an outlet for my desire to write the real, the raw and the gritty underside of my human experience. Which has been a beautiful and fun experience. But lately, there has been this feeling of wanting more. To write more about the things close to my heart, the failures, the lessons and the magic I am experiencing these days.

This blog will be the journey of unraveling every single untruth living inside me. I have been seeking more outlets, more creative ways to get everything inside of me.. OUT! I am currently enrolled in a Visual Arts program at my community college. I can feel the paintings inside of me that are asking to be freed. Every cell inside me wants to burst with the expression I have repressed for years.

This is an ode to my journey into art, into fear, into judgements, to break free and out the other side. Where more love lives. It is my challenge and desire to live as bold as love. For what else is more bold than the journey of really loving ourselves?

I read this quote the other day and shook me to my core:

“The only thing that stands between you and your dreams are the conversations you are not willing to have.” -Gary Acevedo

I am ready to have the tough conversations that lead more love and liberation. I am ready to open my heart and life in ways that I haven’t experienced yet. And I am ready to be seen in it all. To share it with you. To own that this beautiful experience I am having, will impact those who choose to journey with me.

I am excited for this passion project! It has been sleeping deep below my ribs for too long. Get ready for some real and raw conversations. The words have been sleeping beneath my fear, insecurities, judgements of myself and straight up a blanket of “not-good-enough” for too long.

This is the beginning of an exciting journey deep inside the bones of my humanity and yours.

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